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All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

all cats have asperger syndrome

 A very cute book which uses examples of cat behaviour (with accompanying colour photos on each page) to explain Asperger Syndrome, which it does succinctly and in a sensitive manner. The book uses humour to explain a potentially difficult subject and gets the tone just right, avoiding being preachy or maudlin.  Would be useful for explaining the condition to children or relatives who just don’t get it, and of course you can also enjoy it purely for the pictures of the gorgeous kitties.


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Urban Babies Wear Black

Urban Babies Wear Black is a cute little book by Michelle Sinclair Colman, and my favourite so far from her series of board books, ostensibly for babies, but probably really for the adults who read them aloud. The other titles in the series are:
Urban Babies Wear Black

Eco Babies Wear Green
The New Baby’s Baby Journal
Winter Babies Wear Layers
Country Babies Wear Plaid
Beach Babies Wear Shades

Our library also has the last two titles in this list.  “Eco Babies” is due to be published in early 2008.

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The Dangerous Book for Boys: Australian Edition

The Dangerous Book for BoysThe Dangerous Book for Boys: Australian Edition
Conn Iggulden & Hal Iggulden
Harper Collins 2007

The book that the authors wished they had when they were boys. How to: juggle, tie knots, make the best paper plane, build a treehouse (with adult help) write in invisible ink, teach your dog tricks, play chess and many other useful skills. Also lots of interesting trivia on kings and queens, war heroes, the solar system, dinosaurs, creepy crawlies and much, much more.

The Australian edition (the one with the green cover) contains a list of Australian Prime Ministers, information about Australia’s first inhabitants, early explorers and Australian trees, and the rules of Australian football. Consciously old-fashioned in both design and content, and loads of fun.

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